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My résumé is available here.

Relevant Coursework

  • 15-251: Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science*
  • 15-151: Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science
  • 15-122: Principles of Imperative Computation
  • 15-150: Principles of Functional Programming*
  • 21-268: Multidimensional Calculus*
  • 21-241: Matrices and Linear Transformations


  • Spring 2019: 15-122 Teaching Assistant


I am part of QuantumStack, an software development organization on GitHub I created with my friends. We develop software that betters the lives of students at Carnegie Mellon and the larger community. My responsibilities include developing the demonstration websites for each of our products as well as developing the backend Javascript for our server APIs.

I also develop on my own, working on research projects that analyze voting records using machine learning to scraping data from Wikipedia to understand the interconnectedness of virtually every topic conceivable.

Most recently, I’m working on Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a tool that automates the installation and setup process of a new macOS device through the use of Ansible. I often found myself either having a completely reset device when I would give my MacBook in for servicing, or personally chose to reset my device, so I developed this tool so that I could hit the ground running again with the bare minimums I need to develop and not any of the other clutter or cache from before.